Budgeting Tips for College Students

June 1, 2022

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Many college students come to the abrupt realization early in their studies that academics can be a costly adventure. Day-to-day expenses can render pockets uncomfortably light, especially in a time when prices of various goods and services are rising. And yet, it’s important there’s a reserve to have some fun with recreation, occasionally dining out with friends, activities, shopping, etc. Learn more about money-saving tips for college students on a budget, so you can enjoy this time in your life with a good balance of spending habits and a good balance in your bank account.

Evaluate Default Spending

Going on a budget is like starting a new diet: You need to know where you are before you can see what you need to make changes. By tracking your spending, you’ll be able to determine how much you’re spending on needs versus wants. This is a crucial starting point before moving on to the next step.

Cover the Basics

Budgeting doesn’t mean not spending money. Rather, it means spending it only where you must. When talking about the basics, consider that as rent, food, and transportation (fare or gas). Whatever money you have at your disposal, make sure you prioritize using it on the necessities.

Work Part Time

A part-time job is an excellent way to make extra money, as well as a good opportunity to develop needed skills for career advancement down the road. Be on the lookout for local jobs and possibly work-from-home employment. As a student, make sure to also check for jobs available on campus.

Prep Meals

Meal prepping is a big savings for your bank account. By cooking your own food, you won’t have to eat out as much, which saves money. This also applies to essentials, such as coffee. The price of two or three cups from your favorite local place can easily cover the price of coffee grounds and a coffee machine — and you’ll get far more cost-saving mileage out of brewing it yourself.

Use Your Student ID

You’d be surprised by the number of establishments that offer discounts for students, and after time, it all adds up. To prove you’re a student, keep your student ID just as handy as your driver’s license or identification card, which is most likely always with you.

Search for Scholarships

Give yourself some room to relieve your budget by looking for a scholarship throughout your time in college. There are various ways in which you can apply, such as athletics, excellent grades, participating in student organizations, community service, and more. While an application could take hours of your time, you’ll be thankful for the thousands of dollars of help in your student loans and tuition.

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